shopping experience at ikea

i think most of us know that this week is the last week for ikea sale.
lots of items offered an unavailable price.
lots and lots people are coming in
and coming out with items purchased.. full in few plastic bags.. and boxes too
and ikea bosses are smiling..
thousands and thousands money pumping in..
(that's why ikea's owner is the 5th richest man in the world!)

among the customers
are my friend, kak jue and I
last Sunday we went there.. ikea sale! come on.. lets do something on it.

we parked in at 11.30 am.
we drove out at 3.45 pm.. wah..
i bought:
- 3 curtain rod sets priced at rm29.90
- 1 ready made curtain in purple also for rm29.90
- 3 set of 'Lots' square mirror at rm17.90. regular price is rm25.
- 1 red dustbin for my working room for rm9.90
- 1 beautiful rug for my kitchen for rm9.90
- 1 small alarm clock for rm1.90
- 1 box of alkaline AA battery for rm5.90
and few small small items
total is around rm282. All for my beloved my very own house at anggerik perdana where i am stying now.

and kak jue, she bought 1 set of dining table and dining chairs for 4 person, solid wood priced at only rm199.
what a good price!
and it was the most popular sold items on the day.
she also bought
- curtain rods
- 1 rugs
- 1 big size transparent vase for the living room for rm39
- and other items, also for her beloved house. Total spending valued more than rm400

fuh.. it was a very tiring yet exciting shopping experience.
but for sale items we grab, there was surely no regrets!

note: sha said she eagers to come to my housewarming.. to witness a house of ikea lovers.. hehe
on my side, wait until the curtain rods got beautiful curtains on it.

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