Vista Angkasa - Loan Reimbursement

Just now, anim, my friend from Hasnan Hamzah informed me that they have received a cheaque from alrajhi for the balance payment of the vista house from my home loan account to the vendor through the lawyer as the stakeholder. This means that, in a very short time, alrajhi will reimburse the Maybank the balance of the vendor's loan. Also means that the house purchasing procedure is almost complete.. After that, the 'konon-konon' kondo will be legally mine.. hehehe

Happy new year to me.. Good to celebrate it with this very good news. alhamdulillah...

SO, talking about new year? do you all have ur' azam' written down already? mine is not yet but it is clearly in my unconscious mine.. I will list down my 'azam' which is actually things solely depends on my initiatives and struggles to achieve.. not something to do or depends with someone else's emotion or feeling.. come on.. u still can live happily standing on your own foot.. looking after your mom, helping and celebrating every moments with you siblings and family which is confirmed is yours.. and also things legally is yours. Don't waste your time feeling sad for someone 'konon-konon' your best friend but 'talam dua muka' or someone 'konon-konon' your legal future spouse but not really serious for it or did 'usha' someone else behind you..

Love yourself more than others. Learn, work hard, enjoy yourself, earn yourself.. u deserve it for your own living.

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