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Yesterday, i did not come to the office today. having a light fever. my head felt like spinning, resulting me to lost my balancing when standing up. Sent sms to officemate, telling about the emergency leave i am taking, and layed on bed until 12.00 p.m when i realised my head is now ok but my stomach feels hungry. huhuhu...

In between, a friend called me. Asking me to check my email. She forwarded an email from her sister about pelangi semenyih's terrace house new development project she interested to buy. The project itself is so familiar to me. It is a Metro Kajang new project; Phase 8. They also now are selling single storey houses, completed with CF under build and sell scheme. The price starts from rm150k, as advertised in their website. All are FREEHOLD

Unable to get the price for the phase 8 from the website, i called one of the agent. He told me that it starts from 190k. The corner lot unit will start from 290k.

From my personal opinion, this is a good project, especially if you are working in Kajang area, Cheras or even in Putrajaya area and willing to travel for around 30 minutes to your workplace. The developer is reputable, as you know Metro Kajang has lots of successfull development project before. If you still do not know, Metro Kajang is in the same group with MetroWealth company who produce films with the icon of Mr David Teo. So, the possibility of abandoned project is low. For a freehold status, it comes with an affordable price, considering you are willing to live in semenyih, not in the heart of KL city center. Oh yes, the project is near to Tesco Semenyih, an added value to the buyers.

I was informed, the launching ceremony will be held on this Saturday. Bumi discount is 7 % or 8%, i am not so sure but the give you early bird free television, petrol voucher and some more stuffs valued at rm4k. The ceremony will be held at the showhouse at the site itself.

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