deed of assignment / Surat Ikatan Penyerahan Hak

yesterday i went to class.. class of constitutional law 2, tought by Prof Shad Saleem Faruqi, our respectable constitutional expert.
Then anim (my lovely classmate and dedicative senior staff of Hasnan Hamzah) came. She brought along 4 copies of Deed of Assignment or in Malay we called it Surat Ikatan Penyerahan Hak. It declares the transfer of ownership of Vista Angkasa unit from the vendor to me. I signed all the copies by using En Hasib's pen since neither anim nor I have wet-inked pen (i forget what people call it in English.. owh.. my english is so bad.. sigh..).
Anim told me, after this, the kind and generous al-rajhi bank will pay the vendor's bank in full.
And now anim start to call the unit as my house, no longer kak munirah's house..
What a proud..