BLR is going down .. going down..going down..

I wake up this morning, switch on my Gemilang Cekal television and click button no1 at the remote control for TV3..
owh.. MHI is on the air.. the personalities are reading today's newspaper headlines and articles.
let it be the background sound, i go to bathroom to brush my teeth. Suddenly, an article they read from Berita Harian attracts me.. really attract all my mind and entice my body to move out to the front of the TV. The news is

Kadar faedah tempatan turun 0.75 peratus lagi

means OPR rate from Bank Negara is lowered again!! from 3.25% to 2.5%.. wow!!
this will result BLR to be lowered too, quickly i spot it.
and yes.. it will be 5.75% then.. what a good news to all real estate investors and future buyers..

So, come on friends.. let us sing..

BLR is going down..
going down..
going down..

BLR is going down..
Bank Negara say it..


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