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deed of assignment / Surat Ikatan Penyerahan Hak

yesterday i went to class.. class of constitutional law 2, tought by Prof Shad Saleem Faruqi, our respectable constitutional expert.
Then anim (my lovely classmate and dedicative senior staff of Hasnan Hamzah) came. She brought along 4 copies of Deed of Assignment or in Malay we called it Surat Ikatan Penyerahan Hak. It declares the transfer of ownership of Vista Angkasa unit from the vendor to me. I signed all the copies by using En Hasib's pen since neither anim nor I have wet-inked pen (i forget what people call it in English.. owh.. my english is so bad.. sigh..).
Anim told me, after this, the kind and generous al-rajhi bank will pay the vendor's bank in full.
And now anim start to call the unit as my house, no longer kak munirah's house..
What a proud..

BLR is going down .. going down..going down..

I wake up this morning, switch on my Gemilang Cekal television and click button no1 at the remote control for TV3..
owh.. MHI is on the air.. the personalities are reading today's newspaper headlines and articles.
let it be the background sound, i go to bathroom to brush my teeth. Suddenly, an article they read from Berita Harian attracts me.. really attract all my mind and entice my body to move out to the front of the TV. The news is

Kadar faedah tempatan turun 0.75 peratus lagi

means OPR rate from Bank Negara is lowered again!! from 3.25% to 2.5%.. wow!!
this will result BLR to be lowered too, quickly i spot it.
and yes.. it will be 5.75% then.. what a good news to all real estate investors and future buyers..

So, come on friends.. let us sing..

BLR is going down..
going down..
going down..

BLR is going down..
Bank Negara say it..


Once Najib is PM.. and government home loan

This early morning, I found one article in Berita Harian that really attract me.

‘Keperluan penjawat awam dipertimbang’

DATUK Seri Najib Razak berkata, beliau akan memberikan pertimbangan terhadap semua permintaan dan keperluan kakitangan kerajaan apabila menjadi Perdana Menteri kelak.

Timbalan Perdana Menteri berkata, kerajaan komited memenuhi setiap permintaan kakitangan kerajaan jika mempunyai kemampuan berbuat demikian dan ia hanya boleh dilaksanakan jika rakyat memilih pimpinan dan kerajaan yang berkemampuan melakukannya.

Hm.. that is his promise recorded. Sharing the article to my officemates, one of them asked me. "So, once Najib become PM, what do u want him to consider?"

Without thinking, i responded, "I want him to amend Arahan Perbendaharaan (Treasury Order). I want government to allow all civil servant to hold two home loan package simultaneously, without needed to pay off the first loan, as long as it is still below their eligible loan limit. Confuse?

Ok, let me explain this way. Let say your basic salary is rm2k. You are able to apply for home loan up to rm240k. If you want to buy a house valued rm220k, means u can buy it with full loan. But, if u want to buy a house at rm260k, means u can only apply loan for rm240k and pay in cash the remaining rm20k. Clear?

Let say, u buy a house for rm140k. since ur max loan eligibility is rm240k, means u can buy the house with full loan. It also means, u are supposed to have rm100k in balance of your eligibility since you only use rm140k for the house. If you wish to buy another house at rm100k and want to apply the balance loan, u can do so IF you have settled the rm140k loan (the first loan) in full. Logically, this will take 20 - 25 years to settled the loan, rite? so, u need to wait for 20 years to apply for the second loan.. if you still alive and working.

Actually the balance loan is not static. It depends on your current eligibility minus the loan u have taken before. Let say in 2028, your latest salary is now rm3k, so the eligibility loan is rm300k. Minus the rm140k loan you have applied, gives you balance of rm160k on 2028.

SO, my wish is i prefer government allow civil servants to apply the second loan even though the first loan in not fuly settled yet. This gives them opportunity to buy more property but still within their budget. Maybe they want to buy one house in their hometown for their parents or preparation for their retirement (which is normally priced cheaper) and one more at town where they are currently working. This also will boost up real estate market that is now turning slightly down.

By the way, for your info, the eligibility as at Bahagian Pinjaman Perumahan's website is as follows:

Basic Salary (RM):Max Loan (RM)
3500 and above: RM 360,000
3000 ke 3499 :300,000
2500 ke 2999: 264,000
2000 ke 2499 : 240,000
1500 ke 1999 : 192,000
1200 ke 1499 : 156,000
1000 ke 1199 : 120,000
800 ke 999 : 96,000
600 ke 799 : 72,000
599 dan ke bawah :48,000

.. just my 2cent...

pelangi semenyih

Yesterday, i did not come to the office today. having a light fever. my head felt like spinning, resulting me to lost my balancing when standing up. Sent sms to officemate, telling about the emergency leave i am taking, and layed on bed until 12.00 p.m when i realised my head is now ok but my stomach feels hungry. huhuhu...

In between, a friend called me. Asking me to check my email. She forwarded an email from her sister about pelangi semenyih's terrace house new development project she interested to buy. The project itself is so familiar to me. It is a Metro Kajang new project; Phase 8. They also now are selling single storey houses, completed with CF under build and sell scheme. The price starts from rm150k, as advertised in their website. All are FREEHOLD

Unable to get the price for the phase 8 from the website, i called one of the agent. He told me that it starts from 190k. The corner lot unit will start from 290k.

From my personal opinion, this is a good project, especially if you are working in Kajang area, Cheras or even in Putrajaya area and willing to travel for around 30 minutes to your workplace. The developer is reputable, as you know Metro Kajang has lots of successfull development project before. If you still do not know, Metro Kajang is in the same group with MetroWealth company who produce films with the icon of Mr David Teo. So, the possibility of abandoned project is low. For a freehold status, it comes with an affordable price, considering you are willing to live in semenyih, not in the heart of KL city center. Oh yes, the project is near to Tesco Semenyih, an added value to the buyers.

I was informed, the launching ceremony will be held on this Saturday. Bumi discount is 7 % or 8%, i am not so sure but the give you early bird free television, petrol voucher and some more stuffs valued at rm4k. The ceremony will be held at the showhouse at the site itself.

Vista Angkasa - Loan Reimbursement

Just now, anim, my friend from Hasnan Hamzah informed me that they have received a cheaque from alrajhi for the balance payment of the vista house from my home loan account to the vendor through the lawyer as the stakeholder. This means that, in a very short time, alrajhi will reimburse the Maybank the balance of the vendor's loan. Also means that the house purchasing procedure is almost complete.. After that, the 'konon-konon' kondo will be legally mine.. hehehe

Happy new year to me.. Good to celebrate it with this very good news. alhamdulillah...

SO, talking about new year? do you all have ur' azam' written down already? mine is not yet but it is clearly in my unconscious mine.. I will list down my 'azam' which is actually things solely depends on my initiatives and struggles to achieve.. not something to do or depends with someone else's emotion or feeling.. come on.. u still can live happily standing on your own foot.. looking after your mom, helping and celebrating every moments with you siblings and family which is confirmed is yours.. and also things legally is yours. Don't waste your time feeling sad for someone 'konon-konon' your best friend but 'talam dua muka' or someone 'konon-konon' your legal future spouse but not really serious for it or did 'usha' someone else behind you..

Love yourself more than others. Learn, work hard, enjoy yourself, earn yourself.. u deserve it for your own living.


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