vista angkasa - part 10 - DBKL letter and Authorisation letter

Last two weeks, i received a letter from DBKL confirming the transfer of ownership of the Vista Angkasa unit from the vendor (the previous owner) to me. Alhamdulillah.. my dream to buy a unit of Vista Angkasa is now almost becoming a reality.

After receiving the letter, my lawyer, Shuna, who is also acting on behalf of the vendor, continue with redemption procedure.. getting the balance of loan of the vendor to be cleared. Then, on last week, after doing some calculation, she prepared an authorisation letter and emailed to me to get my signature. In the letter, I admit and authorise my loan bank (alrajhi) to pay my loan amount to:
1) the vendor bank for the full payment of the vendor's full balance of loan
2) Hasnan Hamzah as the stakeholder of the vendor an amount of money which the selling price minus the amount above
3) my saving account if there is still any balance after deducting the two above, which is actually no balance unless the calculation above is incorrect.

Then, Shuna sent her firm's despatch to collect the letter from me to be sent to Alrajhi.

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