Organ Donorship

For the last 4 years, I am looking for procedure and venue on how to be a registered organ donor. I asked government clinics but they asked me to get info from any govt hospital. Unfortunately, when i went to hospital, it must be for the purpose of visiting warded office mate and I came with other office mates. So, it is not nice to make them waiting for me while i searching for the correct counter to inquiry info on the registration.

Thanks for the great IT team from Unit Perkhidmatan Transplantasi, Bahagian Perkembangan Perubatan dan Pusat Sumber Transplan Nasional, who develop a special website for the organ transplant. I notice of its existence from advertisement on tv. It provides info on organ transplant, being an organ donor and some successful stories of it. The Web is

So, yesterday, I downloaded the registration form, filled it and faxed it to the fax number given. It was so easy. I plan to donor my kidneys, heart, liver, lungs and my cornea to those who need it more compared to my cold died body.

Alhamdulliah, the fax machine report stated that the transmission is ok and now I am waiting for the donorship registration card to be sent to me.

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