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Salam Aidiladha for all readers..
Yesterday I got a comment from an unknown reader, requesting me to update my blog. For how long i am not updating it ha?Owh... more than two weeks!! ok, its too bad.

Actually lot of thing happens within this two weeks that limit my free time to update the blog.

Since I moved to my new house, I planned to do repainting. The original dull yellow colour makes me feel bored.. :( Even though my mom said, " Kan sayang cat asal tu.. cat baru tu..", I still stick with my plan to paint it with my self-picked and favourite colour..hehe.. two colours flew into my mind...

So, 15 Nov 2008 (Saturday), my sister and I go to a hardware shops. We also looking for tikar getah actually.. My house is not built with tiles, low-cost.. And I am short of budget to put tiles now. So, tikar getah sounds ok. Then, we found that there are one hardware shop in Taman Pinggiran Putra selling paints at a price of lower than i used to buy .Lucky me! I bought four different colours, a couple for bedrooms and a couple for my living hall. For a 7 litres, it cost me around rm30 - rm 45 each, depends on the colour and brand. I chose Walltex from SeaMaster and Maxilite from ICI Paint because they are economic and provides a range of colour i want. If you have a bigger budget, of course you can buy a better paint, a premier paint by jotun or dulux maybe..

The repainting works started on 22 Nov 2008, Saturday at 2.00 p.m. Alhamdulillah, my mom, my sisters Sitie and Itah and my brother-in-law, Zahim came to lend a hand.. becoming a good and skillful painting team, chewah...

For a 7 litre paint, when i painted the feature walls of the two bedrooms, there are still less than half left. But for a non-feature wall, it is just enogh (almost not enough actually.. hehe) for the two rooms. Then, for the feature wall of my living hall which includes the dining area, still less than half left. The same goes to for a non-feature wall paint for the area. This means that, I need to buy another paint for my third single room and my sister, sitie can take away all my remaining paints for her new house in Kuantan! What a good news to her.

Actually, you can do the painting by yourself. No need to hire someone. You just need enough paint, water (if you need to thin the paint), enough rollers for all team members, maybe one or two small brush or small rollers for the small areas, the 'bekas utk gelek' (i dont know what people call it) and a stairs. If you not expert, u may need masking tape to cover the boundary so that the painting boundary looks nice.

Excluding the kitchen and the 3rd room, we completed the painting works on 12.00 pm on the next day. Because after that, Sitie, Zahim and I rushed to few furniture and lighting shops because sitie and zahim want to do shopping for their new house. I also have a makan-makan invitation at Anim's house.

(hey, anybody want to borrow me digital camera? i want to take few snaps of my painting works result and put it here..)

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