exam result

last week, my pain and stressful unstable emotion of waiting for my last sem's final exam result ended. on 18 dec evening, the result successfully released online (after 6 times checking on 17 dec and 5 times checking on 18 dec morning.. hehehe).
alhamdulillah.. i passed all the papers.. and all my friends too!
congratulations to myself, mayah, anim, mazni, rozia, huda, asmath, zura and all coursemates!
we did it!

the most grateful thing is i got a- for constitutional law 1! alhamdulillah.. thank you very much Allah.. thank you very much Prof Shad for the great lecturing and kind marking of our answers..
actually, i was so worried that i will fail conti 1 because during the exam, i mistakenly interpret the wall clock. i do not have watch for the last 4 years until now. so, in the exam hall, i depended solely on the wall clock provided at the front of the hall or to announcements made by exam invigilators. While rushing on answering the Part C question, i kept on looking at the clock that is actually a little bit far from me, makes it not really clear from my view. Looking at the clock, I was so confident that i have 1 hour and 30 minutes left so that i have just enough time to answer part a ( 7 or 8 short questions) and part b (3 long questions). However, i was really shocked when the invigilator announced that there are only 30 minutes left! oh no.. i have 10 questions more to answer!

You can imagine how kalut i was. the fingers shacking while i wrote down the answer fastly.. very fast! i am saying to myself, ya allah.. aku akan fail subjek ni macam ni.. tolong la aku ya allah..

i just strive to answer the best i can, the most i can.
fell so sad becoz, if not becoz of the wrong clock interpretation, i surely can answer better.. much better..

In the contrary, alhamdulilah.. Allah gave me a chance to not to repeat my fault. make sure i bring in a watch in the next exam sessions. Allah gave me a lesson that i will remember all my life and He still give me the good luck of getting the good result.