Chinese investors' taboo?

Yesterday, i and my office mate had a lunch on the way back to our office from bukit jalil sports school for PPSMI ICT equipments monitoring. We had a property chat then. She shared with me one tips on how to be so lucky in real estate. ops, is it a real tips? i prefer to call it a taboo. She said that, few chineese taikos in real estate said that, to have luck and succeed in real estate, DO NOT EVER SELL YOUR FIRST HOUSE. u can keep it, rent it, stay in it or do anything but not sell it.

I do not 100% believe this has direct impact to our luck or 'rezeki'.. but it is not wrong to follow it. Our first house has the most sentimental value what.. Plus, i am kind of taboo believer too! (even though one of my close friend said that I do not believe to intuition and fate.. ok, everybody has right to say anything.. we practise freedom of speech..)