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alhamdulillah, last week i officially received a good news, i successfully climb one step further in my current career. not me alone but also my four friends who reported with me at the same date 4 years and 10 months ago.. alhamdulillah and congrates to rozia, zai, kak ain, adah and me! Also congrates to KPMmate; Azira LPM, Hazira BTP dan Liza BTMK.

supposed, this week is my last week in kementerian pelajaran, but I plan to apply for postponement for another 2 weeks. My boss, of course, feel happy with my application and ready to support the letter. There are lots of things need to be settled before I go, or at least need to be started and ensure it is working and in progress. Ayat and I started the operation of this unit from scratch and it is not so easy to leave it. It is also not easy to say good bye to Sekolah Sukan IT team which I cared for this period of time, plus the new Sekolah Seni. The most difficult part is to say good bye and to leave Ayat, my teammate who has been struggling with me and enjoying all the moment of happiness, sadness, failure and success with me. Thank you ayat for all your contributions and ideas. You helped me a lot! More than what you can imagine.

Hopefully, I will able to serve my new organisation better and better.

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