Anggerik Perdana - part4 - interest charges

It has been so long not to update my blog and replying emails. Sorry friends, i have a tough meeting out of my office for two weeks, making me hard to access the internet in terms of infrastructure and time.

Congrates to myself. I already get the key of the first property i bought. Even though it is just a low-cost, but back in 2006, when I knew so little about property investment, this is a good move. Thanks to ctfarazila for the wish, thanks to aryz for a neighbourhood introduction! and to ruby, wish you good luck with your apartment left in KL, rite? :) any prob u can just call me. I am ready to answer you.. hehe..

ok, back to my story. I successfully get the key of the house after settle all the payment requested by the developer, that are:
1. interest charges - rm 483.22
2. quit rent 2006, 2007, 2008 -rm 25.00
3. 1 month maintenance deposit - rm 60.00
4. 3 months maintenance charges - rm 180.00
5. 3 months sinking fund - rm 24.00
6. water and electricity deposit - rm 0.0
7. insurance (5/9/2008 - 4/9/2009) - rm 52.45

TOTAL = rm 824.676

Ok, do you notice the bold red in colour charge above? yes, that is the unhappy part.
What is it? ok, it is actually none of my fault (supposed la..eheh).
Back to 2006, I applied RHB Islamic bank loan ASAP after I pay the deposit of RM1k to the developer. All my loan application and agreement procedure runs smoothly, nothing pending. I have a friend, Juraida, who applied the same loan but signed the loan agreement almost one month later than me. One of my officemate, Khaty, who applied for AmBank also signed the loan agreement about two or three months later.

Unfortunately, the developer stated in the overdue interest statement that my bank delayed the first five progressive payment to them for 83 days, that are:
1. 10% payment upon singing S&P
2. 10&% payment upon completion of foudation and footing works
3. 15% payment upon completion of reinforced concrete framework
4. 10% payment upon completion of walls with door and window frame place
5. 10% payment upon completion of roofing, electrical wiring and plumbing.

I tried to call bank for an explanation why they late in doing the payment for me. Juraida, my friend who signed the loan agreement later than me for the same bank do not charged this much because the bank pay for her earlier than me. Kathy, whose loan procedure is much delayed to be completed, only charged with interest of rm15x. This is not fair! :(

Yeah.. at that time, i was too young, too fresh in this field. Its my fault that i do not check with them whether the payment is done on schedule or not but bank should not so slow and lembab, rite?

My lawyer of Vista Angkasa purchasing and my friend from Hasnan Hamzah said that I can plead for reduction of interest but the process will take some time. Tired of waiting for another procedure, i just pay the interest and all charges and take the key. Inspecting the house with the developer, I requested them to change the sink bcoz there are cements splash on it. They promise to replace it asap.


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