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vista angkasa - part 9 -deposit payment to DBKL

Last week, I received an update for my Vista Angkasa from my lawyer. After receiving the surat ikatan penyerahan hak from the vendor, DBKL sent a letter to my lawyer requesting me to pay some fees, that are:

1. Admin fee - rm50
2. water deposit - rm110
3. service charge deposit - rm 240

TOTAL = RM400.00

I don't want to delay the process any longer, thus paid it cash when I met my friend, anim who work at the firm at our other friend's open house.

career advancement

alhamdulillah, last week i officially received a good news, i successfully climb one step further in my current career. not me alone but also my four friends who reported with me at the same date 4 years and 10 months ago.. alhamdulillah and congrates to rozia, zai, kak ain, adah and me! Also congrates to KPMmate; Azira LPM, Hazira BTP dan Liza BTMK.

supposed, this week is my last week in kementerian pelajaran, but I plan to apply for postponement for another 2 weeks. My boss, of course, feel happy with my application and ready to support the letter. There are lots of things need to be settled before I go, or at least need to be started and ensure it is working and in progress. Ayat and I started the operation of this unit from scratch and it is not so easy to leave it. It is also not easy to say good bye to Sekolah Sukan IT team which I cared for this period of time, plus the new Sekolah Seni. The most difficult part is to say good bye and to leave Ayat, my teammate who has been struggling with me and enjoying all the moment of happiness, sadness, failure and success with me. Thank you ayat for all your contributions and ideas. You helped me a lot! More than what you can imagine.

Hopefully, I will able to serve my new organisation better and better.

Anggerik Perdana - part4 - interest charges

It has been so long not to update my blog and replying emails. Sorry friends, i have a tough meeting out of my office for two weeks, making me hard to access the internet in terms of infrastructure and time.

Congrates to myself. I already get the key of the first property i bought. Even though it is just a low-cost, but back in 2006, when I knew so little about property investment, this is a good move. Thanks to ctfarazila for the wish, thanks to aryz for a neighbourhood introduction! and to ruby, wish you good luck with your apartment left in KL, rite? :) any prob u can just call me. I am ready to answer you.. hehe..

ok, back to my story. I successfully get the key of the house after settle all the payment requested by the developer, that are:
1. interest charges - rm 483.22
2. quit rent 2006, 2007, 2008 -rm 25.00
3. 1 month maintenance deposit - rm 60.00
4. 3 months maintenance charges - rm 180.00
5. 3 months sinking fund - rm 24.00
6. water and electricity deposit - rm 0.0
7. insurance (5/9/2008 - 4/9/2009) - rm 52.45

TOTAL = rm 824.676

Ok, do you notice the bold red in colour charge above? yes, that is the unhappy part.
What is it? ok, it is actually none of my fault (supposed la..eheh).
Back to 2006, I applied RHB Islamic bank loan ASAP after I pay the deposit of RM1k to the developer. All my loan application and agreement procedure runs smoothly, nothing pending. I have a friend, Juraida, who applied the same loan but signed the loan agreement almost one month later than me. One of my officemate, Khaty, who applied for AmBank also signed the loan agreement about two or three months later.

Unfortunately, the developer stated in the overdue interest statement that my bank delayed the first five progressive payment to them for 83 days, that are:
1. 10% payment upon singing S&P
2. 10&% payment upon completion of foudation and footing works
3. 15% payment upon completion of reinforced concrete framework
4. 10% payment upon completion of walls with door and window frame place
5. 10% payment upon completion of roofing, electrical wiring and plumbing.

I tried to call bank for an explanation why they late in doing the payment for me. Juraida, my friend who signed the loan agreement later than me for the same bank do not charged this much because the bank pay for her earlier than me. Kathy, whose loan procedure is much delayed to be completed, only charged with interest of rm15x. This is not fair! :(

Yeah.. at that time, i was too young, too fresh in this field. Its my fault that i do not check with them whether the payment is done on schedule or not but bank should not so slow and lembab, rite?

My lawyer of Vista Angkasa purchasing and my friend from Hasnan Hamzah said that I can plead for reduction of interest but the process will take some time. Tired of waiting for another procedure, i just pay the interest and all charges and take the key. Inspecting the house with the developer, I requested them to change the sink bcoz there are cements splash on it. They promise to replace it asap.


Anggerik Perdana - part3 - news on key handover

On Wednesday, I got another good news.
Getaris, the developer of my Anggerik Perdana low cost apartment informed me that RHB ISlamic has done full settlement of my house financing. That means that.. tara.. I will receive the letter to handover the key by next week. Alhamdulillah....
Actually, among all 9 of my friends who buy properties from this project, only 3 of us will get the key first. It is because only RHB Islamic have paid it full, not their financier which are Ambank, AmIslamic and Bhg Pinjaman Perumahan (government loan).
Earlier, I planned to rent this unit but now, I change my mine and decide to stay there. Just have difference in the first two line of my postal address.

vista angkasa 9- surat ikatan penyerahan hak diterima

Ahamdulillah.. last two days, when I contacted my lawyer, she informed me that the 'surat ikatan penyerahan hak' that missing from DBKL office and caused my whole Vista Angkasa Purchasing procedure pending, has been found at the previous lawyer office and has already sent to DBKL office before Hari Raya. Phew!..
I expected the transfer of property will run smoothly after this. Really excited to have it 100% mine.

vista angkasa 9- surat ikatan penyerahan hak diterima

Ahamdulillah.. last two days, when I contacted my lawyer, she informed me that the 'surat ikatan penyerahan hak' that missing from DBKL office and caused my whole Vista Angkasa Purchasing procedure pending, has been found at the previous lawyer office and has already sent to DBKL office before Hari Raya. Phew!..
I expected the transfer of property will run smoothly after this. Really excited to have it 100% mine.

Your question answered 2

Lagi emel yg saya terima untuk rujukan bersama.


Hai, Assalamualaikum..
saya minat nak wat investment dlm hartanah tp macam pengetahuan takde... kalau leh share ur knowledge



Untuk dpt knowledge dlm hartanah, mmg sangat bagus encik membaca dan
dptkan makluman dr internet dan blog, apatah blog saya. :)
Terima kasih.

Cuma kalau boleh, saya nak cadangkan encik beli buku2 tentang hartanah dr Azizi Ali dan renesial Leong. Mereka mmg ajar satu persatu dan sumber nyer lengkap.Lagi bagus kalau dapat menghadiri seminar2 mereka. Apalah sangat harga buku dan seminar berbanding dgn nilai hartanah yg akan kiter beli .. besar risiko kalau tersilap langkah.

Selebihnya, boleh la melawat blog saya lagi untuk lebih cerita dan pengalaman untuk dikongsi.
Terima kasih


Chinese investors' taboo?

Yesterday, i and my office mate had a lunch on the way back to our office from bukit jalil sports school for PPSMI ICT equipments monitoring. We had a property chat then. She shared with me one tips on how to be so lucky in real estate. ops, is it a real tips? i prefer to call it a taboo. She said that, few chineese taikos in real estate said that, to have luck and succeed in real estate, DO NOT EVER SELL YOUR FIRST HOUSE. u can keep it, rent it, stay in it or do anything but not sell it.

I do not 100% believe this has direct impact to our luck or 'rezeki'.. but it is not wrong to follow it. Our first house has the most sentimental value what.. Plus, i am kind of taboo believer too! (even though one of my close friend said that I do not believe to intuition and fate.. ok, everybody has right to say anything.. we practise freedom of speech..)

salam aidilfitri

harap masih belum terlewat untuk mengucapkan salam aidilfitri kepada semua kawan2 dan pembaca blog ini. Atas segala salah silap terkasar bahasa di dalam penulisan ini mahupun yg mengenali saya secara peribadi, saya pohon ampun dan maaf. Saya memang seorang yang mempunyai banyak kelemahan dan kekurangan.

Alhamdulillah raya kali ni berjaya dijalani dengan baik. Berpeluang beraya dengan ibu dan bapa saya serta turut mengunjungi kampung nenek di batu pahat. Cuma raya kali ni, kami dikejutkan dengan berita kemalangan makcik dan pakcik yg sama2 tinggal di jengka ni. Mereka dan dua org cucu dlm perjalanan pulng ke kampung di johor namun terbabas akibat pemandunya iaitu cucu mereka terlelap. Alhamdullillah.. orangnya selamat walaupun kalau tgk kedaan kereta, mmg sgt teruk kancil 660 tu terbabas, terpusing dan tercampak ke dlm parit dengan keempat2 tayar di atas. Alhamdulillah makcik, pakcik dan anak sedara sepupu selamat. Alhamdulillah.. Jadi, kepulangn kami ke johor kali ni sekali dengan melawat mereka di sri medan.

Esok insya allah akan pulang ke ibu kota. Doa saya, untuk kawan2 dan saya sendiri yg memandu pulang ke ibu kota semula, semoga selamat pjalanan kita semua. Hati2 memandu. Jangan kedekut masa utk berehat dahulu jika mengantuk. Biar lambat asal selamat.


This blog is for information and experience sharing. The authors are not responsible for any loss or damages caused by the manipulation and application of information obtained from the blog.


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