vista angkasa - part 8 -Surat ikatan penyerahan hak

It has been 3 months now that my Vista Angkasa purchasing procedure pending due to DBKL unable to process Confirmation and Undertaking request. It is because, they have yet to receive the copy of duly stamped "Surat Ikatan Penyerahan Hak" between the current owner, Kak Munirah and her vendor when she bought the house. Without the letter, the whole process is now stucked.

Why is this happens? Ok, this happens because of the lawyer hired for the purchasing, that is K. Sila Dass & Partners, did not submit the important letter to DBKL, which is actually not supposed to happen. To make the thing worst, the lawyer has moved form KL to Kluang but all the files are left in KL. Even my lawyer, Hasnan Hamzah has submitted a letter to the former lawyer, requesting them to submit the document to DBKL as soon as possible. Unfortunately, still we receive nothing. Last week, my lawyer send a letter to the owner's banker.. requesting the same document too. This time, I hope the problem can be settled. amin..

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