Putra Perdana for rent - part 2 - prospective tenant visiting

My brother-in-law, Zahim got a lot of calls from prospective tenants for his apartment at Taman Putra Perdana, as it has been advertised here, mudah.com.my and through yahoo messenger. The first prospective tenant came with her husband, her mom and 2 of her children. However, her mom conquered all the conversation. The mother gave unacceptable and illogical reason and story why her daughter and son-on-law wish to rent the house. The husband of the daughter was silence all the way. The couple's profession is doubtful and the mother requested for 1+ 1 deposit, not 2+1 as asked. If we insisted on 2+ 1, we needed to structure the deposit so that the deposit came with two month installment! haha.. a mother who drove Toyota Unser says that.. illogic! I dont think a poor people will drive this kind of SUV. The most scary thing was their two boys slammed the door grill and tried to play with my handphone which was right in front of me!

Yesterday, a groom-to-be came and visited the house. He read the advertisement from yahoo mesenger sent by my sister, Sitie. Sitie was actually her classmate while they were at MMU but he did not expect that Sitie is the owner. He thought that Sitie just passed around the advertisement of someone's house. He satisfied with the house and contacted my sister by himself. FYI, I am just a trustee to show the house.. any negotiation regarding the house is up to Zahim and Sitie.

Insya Allah, next week I will hand over the key to this guy since the deal between them is successful.

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