kondo rakyat desa pantai

My friend, Zee informed me on last Monday, that she interested to an auction unit at Kondo Rakyat Desa Pantai. The reseved price is RM58k. She found the advertisement from the auctioneer website and give me the link for me to review. She asked me to help her contacted the auctioneer to get more info.

So, after getting the info and reported back to my friend, Zee and I agreed to surveyed the house on Tuesday evening. We expected that it must be located somewhere next to Bukit Angkasa. However, because we was not so sure, we planned to find it by my motorbike only. Easy to make u-turn.. hehehe..

On that evening, we lost .. from Kerinchi untill arrived at Kg Pantai Dalam. At last,after almost one hour searching, we successfully found it. The unit is locked. All the windows are tightly closed. The neighbours said that the house was vacant since last two years. The neighbours living opposite the house is students from UM, renting the apartment for rm550/month while the neighbour living next to the house is an Indon lady, renting the apartment for rm500/month. Next 3 - 4 unit from that house is claimed to be haunted! Scary! But the indon lady said, her house is OK, clear. Only that house has few night disturbance.

After satisfied checking around, we went back. Zee is still considering whether to bid the house or not. She has applied for Proclamation of Sale from the auctioneer and discussing with her parent.

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