162 residency - part 2

Regarding my previous blog entry on 162 residency, I have been asked by few readers, why my friend cancelled the booking. Personally, I think it is a good project with good prospect. That is why I supported my friend at the first place when she wanted to place the booking. However, there was two reason why we became doubtful about this project:

1) It is built on commercial land, means a serviced apartment unit
2) The developer, as what was told to us by the agent, did not even allow buyers to hire own lawyer for any legal proceeding.. make us suspicious

Fortunately, my friend found a subsale apartment unit at Taman Bukit Angkasa which is cheaper than 162 residency and with proven rental market. Buying a ready property is still better than a will-be-developed one.

Anyway, our decision is not necessarily suitable for all. 162 residency is still a good buy for its buyers.

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