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vista angkasa - part 8 -Surat ikatan penyerahan hak

It has been 3 months now that my Vista Angkasa purchasing procedure pending due to DBKL unable to process Confirmation and Undertaking request. It is because, they have yet to receive the copy of duly stamped "Surat Ikatan Penyerahan Hak" between the current owner, Kak Munirah and her vendor when she bought the house. Without the letter, the whole process is now stucked.

Why is this happens? Ok, this happens because of the lawyer hired for the purchasing, that is K. Sila Dass & Partners, did not submit the important letter to DBKL, which is actually not supposed to happen. To make the thing worst, the lawyer has moved form KL to Kluang but all the files are left in KL. Even my lawyer, Hasnan Hamzah has submitted a letter to the former lawyer, requesting them to submit the document to DBKL as soon as possible. Unfortunately, still we receive nothing. Last week, my lawyer send a letter to the owner's banker.. requesting the same document too. This time, I hope the problem can be settled. amin..

kondo rakyat desa pantai

My friend, Zee informed me on last Monday, that she interested to an auction unit at Kondo Rakyat Desa Pantai. The reseved price is RM58k. She found the advertisement from the auctioneer website and give me the link for me to review. She asked me to help her contacted the auctioneer to get more info.

So, after getting the info and reported back to my friend, Zee and I agreed to surveyed the house on Tuesday evening. We expected that it must be located somewhere next to Bukit Angkasa. However, because we was not so sure, we planned to find it by my motorbike only. Easy to make u-turn.. hehehe..

On that evening, we lost .. from Kerinchi untill arrived at Kg Pantai Dalam. At last,after almost one hour searching, we successfully found it. The unit is locked. All the windows are tightly closed. The neighbours said that the house was vacant since last two years. The neighbours living opposite the house is students from UM, renting the apartment for rm550/month while the neighbour living next to the house is an Indon lady, renting the apartment for rm500/month. Next 3 - 4 unit from that house is claimed to be haunted! Scary! But the indon lady said, her house is OK, clear. Only that house has few night disturbance.

After satisfied checking around, we went back. Zee is still considering whether to bid the house or not. She has applied for Proclamation of Sale from the auctioneer and discussing with her parent.

162 residency - part 2

Regarding my previous blog entry on 162 residency, I have been asked by few readers, why my friend cancelled the booking. Personally, I think it is a good project with good prospect. That is why I supported my friend at the first place when she wanted to place the booking. However, there was two reason why we became doubtful about this project:

1) It is built on commercial land, means a serviced apartment unit
2) The developer, as what was told to us by the agent, did not even allow buyers to hire own lawyer for any legal proceeding.. make us suspicious

Fortunately, my friend found a subsale apartment unit at Taman Bukit Angkasa which is cheaper than 162 residency and with proven rental market. Buying a ready property is still better than a will-be-developed one.

Anyway, our decision is not necessarily suitable for all. 162 residency is still a good buy for its buyers.

Putra Perdana for rent - part 2 - prospective tenant visiting

My brother-in-law, Zahim got a lot of calls from prospective tenants for his apartment at Taman Putra Perdana, as it has been advertised here, mudah.com.my and through yahoo messenger. The first prospective tenant came with her husband, her mom and 2 of her children. However, her mom conquered all the conversation. The mother gave unacceptable and illogical reason and story why her daughter and son-on-law wish to rent the house. The husband of the daughter was silence all the way. The couple's profession is doubtful and the mother requested for 1+ 1 deposit, not 2+1 as asked. If we insisted on 2+ 1, we needed to structure the deposit so that the deposit came with two month installment! haha.. a mother who drove Toyota Unser says that.. illogic! I dont think a poor people will drive this kind of SUV. The most scary thing was their two boys slammed the door grill and tried to play with my handphone which was right in front of me!

Yesterday, a groom-to-be came and visited the house. He read the advertisement from yahoo mesenger sent by my sister, Sitie. Sitie was actually her classmate while they were at MMU but he did not expect that Sitie is the owner. He thought that Sitie just passed around the advertisement of someone's house. He satisfied with the house and contacted my sister by himself. FYI, I am just a trustee to show the house.. any negotiation regarding the house is up to Zahim and Sitie.

Insya Allah, next week I will hand over the key to this guy since the deal between them is successful.

Putra Perdana for rent

My sister's medium cost apartment in Taman Putra Perdana, Puchong is now vacant. The tenant, which is actually my friend cum officemate rented it for more than two years, i think. Last month, because of her application for a linked house quarters successfull, she move out.

Last weekend, in conjunction with Merdeka Day, after attending my cousin's engagement ceremony at Taman Equine, my sister, Sitie, her husband, Zahim, my mom, my youngest sister, Itah, and I visited the house for regular cleaning works. However, looking at the condition of painting of the apartment, she decided to repaint it for a new look. I and her husband are given assignment to buy the paint, plus I need to borrow stair from my cousin too. While the others cleaning the house.

It was very hard to find an open paint shop because it was a public holiday! However, at lastt, we found one.. at Taman Pinggiran Putra.

Ok, below is the condition before the repainting works.

We started the works at 6.30 on 31 August 2008 and rest at 4.00 am on 1st September 2008. Then we go back to my house for 'sahur' and sleep. On 10.00 am, Sitie, Zahim and my mom go back to the apartment to finish the work. I had something else to do first and arrived at the apartment at 12.30 pm. On 5.00 pm, I and my housemate went to 'Pasar Ramadhan' to buy food for fast breaking. My sister arrived at my house for breaking fast only at 7.00 pm when the work completely done..

Here is the result:

So, the apartment is now ready to be rented. 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom. around 800 square feet. Apartment Kekwa, taman Putra Perdana, Puchong which is easy access to LDP, means easy to go to Putrajaya, Puchong city, Subang Jaya and Shah Alam. If you want to go to Putrajaya, you can choose either to pass thru tolled route or not. Rental asking price is RM380 but negotiable. 
This unit is also advertised at mudah.com.my

If you interested, u can email me or call zahim at 013-9814181.

update: sorry.. the apartment has been tenanted out.
it is no longer available.

Birthday yang special

Asyik cerita pasal rumah jer, kali ni aku nak cerita pasal personal lak..

Lama tak update blog. Sebab last week aku ader hal emergency.. so balik ke kampung di Batu Pahat. Bila dah balik ke sini semula, banyak la benda pending. Tu yang tak sempat nak update blog tu..

Jumaat 29 Ogos lepas, aku, mayah, mazni dan zee rancang nak celebrate birthday anim. Her birthday is on 30th August, a day after that friday la.. kira ok la kan.. Mereka ni semua kawan-kawan baik aku yg sama-sama belajar law kat uitm ni.. kiranya rakan sekelas la.. Tapi at the end, bukan cuma celebrate birthday anim, birtday aku pun join sekali.. belated! hehe.. terima kasih geng! i love u all.. Malam tu aku dan anim dpt kad sorg satu dan kami share one dedicated cake.. makan ramai2.. tak abis makan, aku siap bawa balik lagi..

Hm.. nampaknya aku takkan lupa kad, kek dan majlis private ni seumur idup aku...

Tapi birthday aku tahun ni memang menarik. Masa malam hari birthday aku ari tu iaitu pd 4 jun, aku, Ina dan kak jue nak gi makan2 la.. celebrate birthday... ingat nak gi makan western kat kg baru. Ina ni housemate aku tapi actually aku, ina dan kak jue kawan baik sama universiti dulu.. alumni UTP. So, kami pegi jemput kak jue dulu kat taman desa. Sekali malam tu Pak Lah umumkan harga minyak naik. Kereta Ina lak abis minyak! abis kami tersangkut dlm jam kat shell tmn desa tu... ader satu waja tu isi minyak penuh2 sampai rm100++ sekali tangki minyak dia bocor.. abis tumpah! Las2 kami makan kat ledai mamak tak jauh dari shell tu jer.. huhuhu...

Actually aku terima byk ucapan birthday tahun ni.. dari Ina, Anim (wish direct dr Mekah tu.. ), dari Kak jue, Mayah, Itah, Sitie, Sha, Azri Sabah, Kamal, Suridah dan ayat. Terima kasih atas ingatan..

AYat tanya, saper yg ko harap wish tapi tak wish? Masa hari tu aku tak dpt jawab soalan tu. Tapi skang aku tau. Jawapannya adalah Julie, besfren aku masa sekolah menengah dulu.. Dia dah lupa birthday aku! huhuhu...

Ok.. rasa nak meriakkan hadiah birthday yg aku terima tahun ni, selain dri kad dan kek di atas.

Ni hadiah dari Ina.. heheh.. (apsal ader kaki termasuk dlm gambar tu? isk!) Tenkiu! ke sana kemari aku dgn beg ni..
Ni hadiah dari opis.. dari Kelab Kebajikan dan rekreasi JPJS KPM. Siap ader muka poyo aku lagi..

NI hadiah dari Zee.. hehe.. tenkiu! segan rasa sbb masa ni, aku tak tau pun biler birthday dia..

Ni hadiah dari Sha.. wah!! besnyer.. cd yang aku impikan selama ini. Aku mmg suka dgr lagu2 Elyana ni.. ilang ngantuk kalau drive

NI hadiah belated yang aku baru dpt mlm tadi... dari Kak jue.. isi kandungannya adalah wallet baru! wah.. tQ tQ! Cantik wallet tu
Satu lagi hadiah yg sangat istimewa. Sejadah kecik dari Mekah. Anim pegi umrah ari tu.. Dier balik sehari lepas birthday aku. So, hepi giler aku dapat hadiah ni! Yang paling bes sbb dier dah gunakan sejadah tu utk sembahyang kat MasjidilHaram.. Terima kasih nim..

Actually aku bertuah ader adik beradik dan kawan2 yang sangat baik ati ni.. Walaupun dlm kesibukan aku bercerita tentang hartanah, atau sibuk dgn kerja atau sibuk dgn study, aku tetap ingat dan menghragai korang semua.


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