vista angkasa - part 7 - valuation

i am in kota kinabalu now. .have important job here to be done perfectly in order to preserve the good image of my division, my boss and mine too! Thanks for the two kind and hardworking programmers from ICT division and also two kind and humorous cricket statistics officer that help me all the time here.

while waiting for flight departure at klia, I quickly connected my notebook to the free wireless provided there and accessed Actually, the KGV Lambert, valuer of my vista angkasa has already did the valuation of the property. They contacted me one month ago for an appointment to take photos of outside and inside of the property. The photos are crucial for the valuation process. After contacted the current owner of the property, I managed to set an appointment between the tenant of the condo and Priya, the valuer. Unfortunately, I was not able to be there because I need to be at somewhere else.

On monday, Priya told me that the report of the valuation is now completed but pending to be submitted to the bank due to the pending payment. But now, after completed the online interbank credit transfer and updating the status of the payment to Priya, I guess the process completed. :)