section 7 shah alam

i have a friend who have been targeting to buy a medium cost apartment in section 7 shah alam since last 3 months. However, until today, he has not successfully find one unit ready to be sold to him. This is a really hot area, like 'goreng pisang panas'. The only different between them is that goreng pisang panas is available to be sold at any stall and it sells good. But, an apartment in section 7 is too hot that makes very hard for the owners to sell it. (hm.. goreng pisang panas yg sumer org sayang nak jual tapi nak makan sdr je.. can I say like that? hehe)

What is so good about section 7 shah alam? ok, the good points are:
- just opposite uitm shah alam entrance 2
- easy access to federal highway, kesas and elite
- lots of restaurants, cyber cafes and shops there that makes students love the area so much
- rental asking price is up to 700 - 800 per month

Last 2 weeks, this friend of mine read an advertisement of this golden property to sell. level 3, RM 80k, currently tenanted at rm450 per month. wah!! he set an appointment with the agent to visit the house at the other day's morning. Then he asked me to accompany him, but i got class to attend since the appointment is on saturday. Later on, he tell me that he postponed the appointment to the evening because he needed to go to his office to settle few things with his boss first.

On the appointment day's evening, he called me.. He said, the agent contacted him, telling that no need to come. There was another man visiting the apartment on the morning and he confirm to buy at rm72k! Cheque had been delivered to the agent. What a poor man he was... :(

He kept telling me, if he able to go to the house in the morning and offer to buy at rm75k, the apartment will be his..

Friend, don't give up. Surely one unit is waiting for you.. just wait and keep updated!

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