Vista angkasa - Part 3 - S&P

the S&P signing process for the vista angkasa project is completed. After reviewed the draft of s&p and make a little agreed amendments, both parties put down signatures. The on-paper-owner of the house come from North Malaysia to my lawyer's office to sign it, accompanied by the real owner.

I can see differences in the process here with my previous experience. When i was signing the s&p for my first property, I got free Stamp duty and s&p offer from developer through their panel of lawyers. The panel lawyer prepared the s&p and call me to come to their office asking me to sign it. All the time, i only deal with the clerk, not even get the chance to see the lawyer. The clerk just point where i should put down my signature. Wen i ask about jargons in the document, she said thet it is all standard. Indirect speaking, no need to understand a lot since all malaysian is signing the same document.

But it is totally different in this project. I get the chance to appoint my own lawyer. Since I believe hanim, my legal studies classmate so much, I appoint her firm to handle all the legal procedures. The lawyer, shuna is really helpful. She and hanim emailed me the draft of the snp for me to review beforehand, explain all the jargons and do some amendments agreed by the owner and me. Even Shuna attend the signing session and answers my stupid and not-so-stupid questions. I think this is what it supposed to be..

Anyway, experience give me chance to learn and i love to learn more and more about all these real estate invesment!

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