vista angkasa - part 2 loan financing

i already submitted application form for loan to alrajhi to the mortgage executive, khadijah or better known as Ija.
since the valuation of the unit is 180k, so i apply for 90% loan that is rm 162k.
the current rate is BFR - 1.70% throughout the tenancing tenor without free moving cost and BFR - 1.50% for a with free moving cost. since this is an islamic financing package, they use BFR instead of BLR. However, the current rate of BFR is same as BLR that is 6.75%.

For Alrhji home financing, the 90% loan is including MRTA, if u wish to buy it. However, buying MRTA is not compulsory so, u can skip it first and buy it later on your own. MRTA attached to the bank is takaful Ikhlas and the price is very attractive. I can say it is almost 50% lower than what is offered by other bank. For a 30 years financing, the MRTA rate is just rm4451.64 for me, while some other bank quote rm 7k - rm 8k. If u want to know more about this financing, u can just email me. I can help u to introduce the very helpful and dedication ija to help u!

This beloved vista, the monthly payment will be rm875. Plus the maintenance fee is around rm90. The good news is the rental asking price now is rm1.2k.. Good buy! This is why i dream of it so much. Patiently waiting the transfer of ownership to me..

Hey, if u considering to buy a house soon, there are rumors that the BLR and BFR rate will increased to 8.0%! Some people say, better buy now while the rate is lower while some said better wait for few months when they predict house price will be lower since demand will be less than supply. I don't know which will be more accurate. i cant predict but u can judge on ur own!


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