162 residency selayang

member kamceng aku, kak jue ada booking apartment 162 residency selayang. tapi, dier mebi nak cancelkan booking dier.. sebab?

good point about 162 residency:
- location: dekat dgn hosp selayang, majlis pbandaran selayang dan walking distance dgn uitm medical campus yg dijangka akan siap pada 2010.
- price: rm116k utk satu apartment 3 blk 2 blk air
- free snp, free snp stamp duty dan free loan agreement
- booking only rm500

negative point:
- after some research and confirming with the developer's office, we realise that it is build on commercial land. ceh!
- the agents force us to use their panel lawyer only. cannot use own lawyer. however, after ask the developer, it is actually not prohibited. kiter ader hak ma...

apartment ni dijangka siap pd 2011. developer adalah b& g supreme. project mngmnt by mct homes sdn bhd. projek terdahulu developer ni adalah USJ 1 Avenue.

after considering the negative points vs good points, kak jue most probably will cancel the booking.