petrol price and the effect on malaysian real estate

last time when i visited mapex 2008, i was informed by the agents that the price for malaysian real estate is going to be increased starting this monday.. because of the controversial 40% increase in petrol price. hm.. looks like we are in a very bad economic situation. far worse than the 1997 economic crisis (when brilliant students like achem's students unable to fly to australia.. uwaaaa!!)

i read forum n i was shocked to know that a developer called ratus bayan purposely postpone its condo project to next year. so that they able to sell it at higher price! lebih malang because this condo has buyers already and they did sign the s&p. So skang ni, buyers risau la adakah mereka akan dikenakan bayaran juga utk s&p ini sedankan projek dah mmg hold.

i am still following up this case tapi kalau itu berlaku semata2 sbb untuk mengaut keuntungan, mmg rakyat yg merana. This condo is supposed to be built at batu cave, taman raintree if i'm not mistaken.

actually, i believe this is not the only project yg hold because of petrol price. ada banyak lagi projek sepertimana yang diceritakan oleh real estate agent sendiri kpd saya. Means, extra carefull to all house buyers!

**kak jue, seb baik kak jue tak sempat nak beli apartment yg ratus bayan ni develop kan. lately we learn a lot more about real estate.. we got more experience which is surely unforgettable and dijadikan sempadan. arakian.

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