vista angkasa - check cleared

today is saturday.. morning, 10.30 am.
guest where am I?
I am at Selesa Resort, Bukit Tinggi. Still stuck with Anggaran Belanja Mengurus 2010 - 2011. since thursday untill now, 8.30 am untill 10.30 pm.

how tired i am, i still can smile
because vista angkasa' stransaction is now complete.
kak munirah brought home a check of rm52k net
and i got rm3k net.. plus all the outstanding bill kak munirah pay me to clear up and the deposit of the rental transfered, it become rm7k
even my total is not big, but it is still rezeki kan.
this month i will start to collect rent from the tenant.
also need to repair the piping at the sink.. to make the tenant happy

yesterday i check at cimbclicks, my cheaque has been cleared.
all goes to my outstanding bills. yeeha!

next week's schedule:
1. pay maintainance fee to the management committee of vista angkasa. no longer DBKL
2. request water bill from the maintenence and do payment with kak munirah's money
3. pay quit rent to DBKL
4. pay indah water outstanding bill using kak munirah's money
5. looking for plumber
6. prepare new rental agreement for the current tenants. Meet them to get their signature.
7. Collect rent and balance deposit from tenant.
8. meet the dental as agreed in the appointment. ops.. not related to vista angka. hehe

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